ITK Programmer's Guide


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What's new in ITK v2.6 ?

ITKv2.6 is an upgrade to v2.5 mainly providing MacOS X Carbon compatibility and bug fixes.

Some existing ITK commands have been enhanced compared to v2.5.

ITK "Light Binary Package" limitations

The "Light" binary package file can be used with both ITK Pro (with no stream limitation) and ITK Light license numbers (with the 8 streams limit). The "light binary package" is only provided to save disk space by removing uneeded cryptography and SSL code.

No more 68K code version

ITK v2.6 does not contain 68K code anymore. If you still need to use ITK on a 68K Macintosh, please contact ITK's Technical support (  

Enhanced and new commands:

Bug fixes:

Other changes:


What was new in ITK v2.5 ?