ITKv2.6 Programmer's Guide


Table of contents | Intro | General | TCP Low Level | TCP High Level | UDP | DNS | PPP
Encoding/Decoding | Internet Config | Goodies | Cryptography & SSL | Appendix


Table of Contents




New in ITKv2.6

  • ITK "Light Binary Package" limitations
  • No more 68K code version
  • Enhanced and new commands
  • Bug fixes
  • Other changes

New in ITKv2.5

  • SSL support
  • more cryptography routines
  • more blob related routines
  • new compression routines

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - General ITK routines

Chapter 3 - Low-level TCP/IP routines

Chapter 4 - Higher-level TCP/IP routines

Chapter 5 - Low-level UDP routines

Chapter 6 - DNS Routines


Chapter 7 - PPP control routines


Chapter 8 - Encoding/decoding routines

Text conversions:

Picture conversions:

File conversions:

Date conversions:

Chapter 9 - Internet Config routines*

Chapter 10 - ITK Goodies

Blob related goodies:

Chapter 11 - SSL support and Cryptography routines

SSL support routines:

Cryptography routines:




Routines that changed between ITK 2.0.x and ITK 2.5 are in italic .
New routines in ITK 2.5 are in bold .
You should recompile your application when switching between v2.0.x and v2.5 of ITK.

* not supported in the Windows version of ITK

Technical support, documentation, updates etc. are available through the Internet using our WWW, Listserv, FTP and eMail servers.

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