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Internet ToolKit for 4D - FAQ

You can find the latest version of this document here:

Another ITKv2.5 specific FAQ is also available.


What is "Internet ToolKit for 4D" (ITK) ?

ITK is "4D's Internet Extension".
It is a complete set of routines that can be used in all 4D products (4D, 4D SDK, 4D Server/4D Client, 4D First) that allows 4D developers to add internet functionnality into their 4D developments without the need of other software.

What are the main features of ITK ?

ITK gives the developpers easy access to the following features:

What can I do with ITK ?

Here are some things you can do with ITK:

  • send and receive eMail using with SMTP/POP3 or make your own SMTP/POP3 server,
  • listserv/majordomo-like mailing lists using your ITK based eMail server or any email server,
  • newsgroup client and server using NNTP,
  • file transfers client and server using FTP,
  • fast and efficient WWW server with or without using any other HTTP servers (see our demo server):
    • database access,
    • dynamic hypertext document generation,
    • realtime generated graphics (realtime generated charts or pictures, etc), (see some demo)
    • and much more...
  • build your own non standard protocol to fit your needs (for example: data synchronization).

You can also combine all this to create new kind of Internet applications.

Do I need to write my own web server myself ?

No !
You don't have to write your own web server from scratch because several Web (HTTP) implementations have already been written using ITK.

Here is a small list of Web implementations based on ITK:

  • ITK Example database (available with the ITK evaluation disk)
    This is a very basic HTTP implementation which can help you understand own HTTP works.
  • ITK ACME Demo database
    This implementations shows how to add search and add capabilities to a 4D database.
    It contains an optimized HTTP engine, with keep-alive support and user authentication.
  • DataWave from Foresight
    This commercial product allows you to add Web capabilities to any 4D database in a couple of minutes without any 4D coding.
    DataWave comes as a 4D Insider library which you just drop onto your existing 4D database.
  • Web Server 4D Developer Edition from MDG
    This product is an open source implementation which has a lot of features.

How do I use ITK in my 4D databases ?

Internet ToolKit is a 4D External Package that can be directly used by your 4D database.
You need 4D v3.2.5 (or 4Dv5.5.2) or above to use ITK (see below).

What is the pricing of ITK ?

See ITK's Pricing for more details.

You can order ITK from your local distributor (see the list of distributors) or from AJAR SA for all other countries .

You can also purchase ITK online thru Kagi's online order service.You will receive your license number by email (be sure to give a valid email address) and by postal mail if requested.

Is ITK copy protected ?

No, there is no copy protection in ITK.

ITK is only protected by its license number.

Is there a demo version of ITK ?

ITK is an "auto-demo", which means that it runs in demo mode until you enter its license number.
In demo mode, ITK is fully functionnal during 30 minutes.

Is there a Windows version of ITK ?

Yes !

The Windows version of Internet ToolKit supports Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. There is no plan to support previous versions of Windows (like Windows 3.x).

Most of ITK based applications can migrate to Windows and vice-versa seamlessly.

What about ITK and multihoming ?

ITK support multihoming under Windows NT and MacOS 8.1 and later.

Some routines like ITK_TCPOpen, ITK_TCPListen and ITK_TCPStrmInfo have been enhanced to take advantage of multihoming features.

What about Internet ToolKit and OpenTransport ?

OpenTransport users should upgrade to version 1.1.1 which fixes most bugs found in previous version of OpenTransport.

Internet ToolKit (v1.0.4 and above) is OpenTransport compliant.
This version of ITK will allow you to test if your code is running under MacTCP or OpenTransport (check ITK_TCPInfos routine in ITK Programmer's Guide).

Internet ToolKit version 2 and above is OpenTransport native.
This provides better performances and removes limitations due to MacTCP or OpenTransport's MacTCP compatibility layer (like the number of streams). This also allows ITKv2 to support multihoming under OpenTransport 1.3 and above.

What kind of support do I get with ITK ?

Technical support, documentation, updates and so on are available through the Internet using our WWW, Listserv, FTP and eMail servers.

What version of 4D do I need to use ITK ?

You must use 4D x.2.5 (3.2.5 international or 5.2.5 french) or above to use ITK because ITK is a new style 4D external package that goes in the "MAC4DX" folder (see 4D/4D Server addendum for more informations about the MAC4DX folder).

ITK is fully compatible with 4Dv6 since version 1.1.6.

How do I install ITK ? I've not been able to open it with 4D External Mover !

As ITK is a new style 4D external package, you do not need 4D External Mover to install ITK in your 4D database. Just drag ITK icon or an alias of ITK icon in the MAC4DX (or WIN4DX) folder used by 4D to store the new style packages.

Is there a mailing list related to ITK ?

Yes !
You can get more info on these mailing lists on ITK's web server.

Is there a more technical FAQ?

Yes, our Programmer's FAQ is available.

Is Internet ToolKit year 2000 compliant ?

Yes, see ITK's Y2K Info page for more details.

Is Internet ToolKit MacOS X compatible ?

Yes, ITK is compatible with MacOS X when running in the "classic" mode.

A future version of ITK will run natively under MacOS X (under "Carbon") shortly after a "carbon" version of 4th Dimension will be available.