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Year 2000 Info


Year 2000 compliance

These informations are valid for Internet ToolKit version 1.1 and above.

Year 2000 compliance is related to dates. Dates are only used in Internet ToolKit in date conversion routines (ITK_Date2Secs, ITK_Secs2Date, ITK_Secs2RFC and ITK_RFC2Secs).

The first two routines (ITK_Date2Secs and ITK_Secs2Date) are using dates in 4D format which is Y2K compliant, so, these routines are also Y2K compliant.

For the last two routine, Y2K compliance depends on RFC#822 and RFC#1123 which are defining date formatting. RFC#822 defines a format were the year uses only 2 digits. RFC#822 formatted string are not Y2K compliant.

RFC#1123 updates RFC#822 format to use 4 digits for the year (see RFC#1123 page 55). This makes RFC#1123 formatted dates Y2K compliant.

ITK_Secs2RFC converts a date/time value into an RFC#1123 formatted string, so, this routine is Y2K compliant.

ITK_RFC2Secs converts an RFC#822 or RFC#1123 formatted string into a date/time value.So there are two cases:

  • If the string is formatted according to RFC#1123 (4 digits for the year), this routine is Y2K compliant.
  • If the date is formatted according to RFC#822 (2 digits for the year), this routine is not Y2K compliant.
    To reduce the effect of RFC#822 formatted dates, since version 1.1 of ITK, all years below 40 and considered after year 2000 and all years above 39 are considered before 2000.
    • "Fri, 28-Jul-95 22:50:10" -> will be considered as 1995
    • "Sat, 01-Jan-00 00:00:00" -> will be considered as 2000
    • "Fri, 25-Dec-20 00:00:00" -> will be considered as 2020

More information about Year 2000:

Last update: 6-Oct-2000 by CQ