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Who is using Internet ToolKit ?


This page gives a small list of products and sites using Internet ToolKit for 4D on the Internet and some links to go on their site...

Products based on ITK...

  • Ajaris Web from Orkis (France)  
    Ajaris is a picture library database, and Ajaris Web is the web version of Ajaris.
    Ajaris Web is used by companies like NATO, Keystone photo, etc.
  • DataWave
    DataWave is a new 4D product that allows any 4th Dimension database to be published on the World Wide Web with no custom coding.
    DataWave has been revamped in 4D Web Assistant which is now included with 4D 6.7.
  • HandyTacacs from Kaden, Beerli & Meienberger AG (Switzerland)
    HandyTacacs is a commercial TACACS server for MacOS and Windows95/NT personal computers. It controls who could use the dial-up lines and interfaces of an internet or intranet router, based on the verification of user name and password.
  • Office Maker from Microconsulting (Switzerland)
    Office Maker Addresses and Office Maker Documentaires provide email support and an integrated web server based on 4D and ITK.
  • MulteCart from MacTeks Computers Inc. (Canada)
    Multilingual Ecommerce solution (Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and Thai)
  • Phantom from Maxum Development (USA)
    Phantom (formerly Aktiv Software's Duppies) is the first commercial Web crawler for the Macintosh. WebMasters can use Phantom to scan any Web site and build a complete index of its HTML pages. Once a site has been scanned, Phantom allows users to perform searches using simple queries.
  • PowerSchool from Apple Computer, Inc (USA)
    PowerSchool gives school administrators and teachers the ability to easily and cost-effectively manage student records and gives parents real-time access to track their children's progress.
  • Virtual Community Engine from Virtual Artists Pty Ltd (Australia)
    The VCe is an application server providing content management and customer relationship management functions.
    Sites using VCe:
  • Web Server 4D from MDG (USA)
    Web Server 4D is a web server that offers a complete web solution in and of itself !
    Web Server 4D's basic features surpass what all other web servers offer.

    Web Server 4D can track new vs. repeat users, serves different pages based on domain, IP or browser, serves files from memory not slow disks, supports clickable maps, Guest Books, form to Email, inserts page counts, odometer page counts, current date, current time all without using CGI - although WS4D is compatible with CGI! Security for any file/folder is available with users and groups support (and tracking history for each realm, user and group!). Supports multiple hosts from one server. Developer edition includes open 4D source code which allows complete customization or integration with existing databases.

    Recent internal benchmarks demonstrated 25,000 hits an hour!
    According to MacWeek, that number should be 41/second, 147,600/hour or 3.5 million/day.

    Web Server 4D is available for MacOS and Windows NT.

    Here is a page that lists sites using WS4D.

  • WebClerk from JIT Corp. 
    WebClerk is a database driven eCommerce solution, web server and prefabricated web site which implements catalogs, order entry, service, libraries and secure credit card transactions.

    WebClerk is an implementing tool. Unlike most web tools available today, development is not required. Just import your data, enter your domain, choose Web_Startup and start taking orders on the internet.

    Who is using WebClerk ? -> Dow Jones Reprint service

  • Zapanet from Zapata (France)
    Zapanet is an internet server dedicated to online electronic commerce.


Sites using ITK...

  • Dow Jones (USA)
    This site uses WebClerk from James Technologies to allow orders or reprints from Dow Jones.
  • EES Companies, Inc (USA)
    Creators of Point of Sale/Order Entry software including accounting, credit card processing, inventory control, customer tracking, Internet Interface (using ITK) and more!
  • Elogia (France)
    Directory of touristic resources in Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint-Barthélémy, La Désirade, Marie-Galanteand Les Saintes.
  • France Télécom (France)
    4D and ITK have been used to create a fully features mail server (SMTP/POP3) which is also available thru the Web and the Minitel network.
  • Graphic Obsession (France)
    This site contains a database with 20000+ fonts. Each font can be displayed directly.
  • (USA)
  • klik (Internet-Provider in Switzerland)
    With 4D and ITK they constructed a Server which handles the User-Identification. They use it instead of the original TACACS-Server which would have been provided by CISCO-Systems and doesn't work on a Mac.
  • ewatchfactory (Hong-Kong)
    This sites allows anyone to build his own custom watch graphically.
    It is a very good example of dynamically generated graphics using ITK.
  • Ping Net (Swiss ISP)
    They are using ITK mainly for the administration of their clients. As one of the largest internet providers of switzerland, they where able to automate quite a few things.
    Their client database now runs as a web server and allows automatic registrations. This involves adding users on unix systems.
  • INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (France)
    ITK is used to capture live MPEG video streams broadcasted using UDP on the 100Mbps LAN.
  • and some more...

If you want to have your product or site added to this list, please send some mail to